Body hair is feminine. Here’s why

Photo by Artem Baliaikin on Pexels

I was eighteen when a boy told me he would turn me away at the door if I had “one hair on my body.” Despite growing up with a happily married mother who rarely shaved her legs, I believed him. And I believed he wasn’t the only one who thought this way.

Several months later I knelt awkwardly on the cold floor of my shared uni shower and contemplated my options. Shave everything or face the fact that no one would ever touch me. …

Video games don’t let you hurt kids, but I can kill a cat?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

You spur on your horse, jerking sideways at the last second to dodge a tree. Together, you hop over a small river, your eyes fixed on the small gray creature darting between the underbrush. It disappears — have you lost it? Just as you start to reign in your horse, out the rabbit jumps again, straight under the heavy thud of your steed’s hoof. A black and white notification pops up “Horseman 5: 5 of 5 animals trampled”. You did it!

I think I confuse people when I tell them I love games like GTA, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption 2…

What we publish and how to become a writer

Design by author. Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay

At Divided, we love welcoming new writers with diverse viewpoints and exciting content. If you have an area of expertise or just a new way of looking at something, chances are we’d love to have you. For simplicity, we’ve broken this page down into what we publish, what we won’t accept, how to increase the chances of getting your piece accepted, and how to become a writer.

What we love

It’s in the name; we publish pieces that highlight a divided view point. This can be in a variety of different topics. For example:

  • scientific advancements
  • lifestyle
  • food combinations
  • morality
  • unsolved mysteries
  • and…

Oh, how I envy you

Photo taken by the author

Most people put happy wishes, family pictures, or even the odd tree decoration in their Christmas cards. Surprisingly, you sent a COVID conspiracy leaflet with yours.

It feels wrong to approach you directly about this unexpected gift. Our friendship has always been quite formal, after all. And the card was sent to my parents, not me. In other words, this letter is more for my benefit than yours. And, let’s be honest — we all have that family friend who dabbles a little too far into conspiracy theories.

To all our family friends, and especially to you, I’m not here…

Human evolution is more complex than you think

Reimagination of an early South American hunter
(Credit: Sonora Hills, 2020)

A taruca deer, grazing on shrubs in the grasslands of Peru, only has moments to live. Too late, it pauses to sniff the air. Humans, crouched with spear-throwers are only meters away. The taruca turns to run, but an 18-year-old hunter rises from the grass in front of it and sends a thin, stone-tipped spear deep into its chest. The hunter leaps forward to grab onto the antlers, holding down its head for another to deliver the final blow.

Nine thousand years later, the hunter’s grave is found. Time has destroyed everything but her crumbling skull and a pile of…

As with all minority groups, representation in media is the first step to sloughing off our invisibility cloaks

Drawn by author

I often refer to my sexuality as the “invisible” one. Which is odd as bisexuals arguably make up more than half of the LGBT+ community. The issue is that for years there have been two options: you are gay or you are straight. And this ideology hasn’t gone away — depending on who my partner is, I am gay or I am straight.

As with all minority groups, representation in media is the first step to sloughing off our invisibility cloaks. But is bisexual representation really helping? Or is it just driving us further into the “pick a side” argument…

Yes, and that’s a problem

Screen grab from Mulan

Disney’s release of Mulan 2020 was preceded by the headline news that the lead actress, Liu Yifei, had “tweeted” support of the Hong Kong police. Why is everyone so upset? Because the Hong Kong police have been aggressively stifling freedom of speech during protests for human rights. Why am I upset? Because the remake is a terrible film that I believe has worse connotations for human rights than Liu’s post on Weibo.

To understand the extent of why Mulan 2020 was a mistake, it’s first important to examine the 1998 film. …

The LGBT+ community is losing its flag — here’s why this matters

Photo by Christian Sterk on Unsplash

In March, 2020 COVID-19 sparked a global pandemic. In the UK, lockdown was quickly followed by a huge outburst of support for the NHS (the National Health Service) in the form of weekly clapping, money donations, and the nationwide use of a rainbow flag.

This support was really important for the NHS, because it is a tax-funded service that has been gradually losing funds due to recent government decisions. This lack of funds was very apparent when COVID-19 almost immediately filled up every bed in hospitals, draining PPE supplies and overworking hospital staff.

However, it’s become apparent that this support…

I think we all need some Halloween escapism

Photo by Itana Salopek on Unsplash

If there’s anything 2020 has shown me, it’s that reality is its own kind of horror story. To combat that, I’ve gone looking for some old-fashioned spook. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest horror fan; I prefer creepy absurdism to spine-chilling slashers. So here are my top five creepy but not too creepy books.

I went down the nostalgic root while picking these books, so I would class all but one of these as YA. I’ve also repeated two authors, because they’re just too good at the spooky absurdism. …

Are we morally obligated to reject art if we don’t agree with the artist?

Image by Anuj Chawla from Pixabay

Can we still appreciate content made by a creator whose views and actions have inflicted harm on others? This question is by no means new, but it is still an important one. Numerous creators throughout history have been abusive, racist, or just generally unpleasant people. In the last few years, huge movements like #MeToo have outed many creators as sexual abusers over multiple creative industries. In light of 2020’s BLM protests and JK Rowling’s transphobic essay, I know many people are grappling with their feelings about art they consume. …

Sonora Hills

Fiction writer, story critic, and biologist. Passionate about inspiring writers, discussing fun science, and promoting equality.

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